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Presentation about higher education


Presentation about higher education


Higher education
Higher education is a tertiary education leading to
award of an academic degree. We’ll talk about
higher education in Russia and England.


Higher education in Russia
Higher education in Russia
is a system of higher
professional education. It is
the next level of education
after secondary vocational.
Higher education is a threelevels system of bachelor's
and master's degrees,
specialty, and training of
highly qualified personnel.


After 11th grade pupil pass
Unified State Exam (UFE). He or
she receives a certificate of
secondary education based on the
results of the exam and submits
applications to universities.


Higher education in England
Compulsory secondary
education in England ends at
the age of 16 with the GCSE
exam. If a student wants to get
a higher education, he needs
to complete a two-year ALevel program. Students
choose 3-4 subjects that they
will study in depth at the
university, take exams and
enter the university.


Bachelor’s degree
Bachelor's degree in Russia lasts 3-4 years.
Students have the opportunity to study for
free or for a fee.
The standard bachelor's degree program in
England lasts three years. The duration of
learning depends on the specialty. There is
no free higher education in England.


Features of studying at British and Russian universities
• In Russia:
• In England:
• The academic load and the
difficulty of the exams depend on
the university.
• High level of discipline
• The curriculum includes internships
and industrial practices.
• International students need to
complete the Sixth Form or
Foundation Additional Education
• The top-100 rating includes only
one Russian university.
• The top-100 rating includes
eighteen English universities.
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