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English as means of mutual understanding and tolerance of people


as means of mutual understanding
tolerance of people
1st year student of “VKUiNT
named after Yuri Gagarin”
group of the “ISP-222”
Malyshev Semion


English is the world language.
Today English has become an international language, it
is the most widely spoken in the world. It is native to
over 400 million people, it remains a second language
for 300 million, and another 500 million speak some
degree of English.


English is the language of trade and business.
In many countries, English is very important as the
language of diplomacy, trade and business. 90% of
world transactions are concluded in English. World
financial funds and exchanges operate in English.
Financial giants and large corporations use English no
matter what country they are in.


English is the language of education
English is the most popular foreign language in
schools. The most prestigious universities in the world
are English-speaking. In countries where English is the
second official language, students prefer to study in
English. Knowledge of English makes it possible to get
a good education and build a successful career.


English is the language of travel
Large-scale travels of the British over two centuries
have borne fruit. In the XNUMXst century, English is the
language of travel. Whatever country you go to, you
will be understood in English everywhere. At the hotel,
in the restaurant, at the bus stop, you can talk to the


English is the language of science and technology
English has become the language of the 90st century a century of technological progress and information
technology. Today, all instructions and programs for
new gadgets are written in English. Scientific reports,
articles, reports are published in English. XNUMX% of
Internet resources are in English. The vast majority of
information in all areas - science, sports, news,
entertainment - is published in English.


English is the language of youth
English has become the language of youth culture.
American actors, actresses, musicians have been and
remain the idols of more than one generation of people.
Hollywood is still the undisputed leader of the film
industry today. Cult American action films and
blockbusters are watched in English all over the world.
From America came jazz, blues, rock and roll and many
other styles of music that are still popular today.


English is a universal language
In addition to all of the above, English is beautiful, melodic and
easy to learn. English has one of the richest vocabularies in the
world, but it also has an uncomplicated grammar.
Words themselves are attracted to each other, forming laconic
and understandable sentences. The international language
should be simple and understandable for everyone. Perhaps we
are very lucky that it was just such a simple language that united
the world.


Source of information
• https://englhouse.ru/en/uchashhimsya/anglij
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