Homeland economy
The purpose of the project
Project Plan
Economic development
Industries and agriculture
The main industrial enterprises of the region:
The pride of the edge
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Homeland economy

1. Homeland economy

2. The purpose of the project

To get information about the economy and large industrial
enterprises of the region, as part of the study of the subject of the
surrounding world. Make a presentation, prepare a report or a
message to speak to the class. To tell about the industry of the
region, its large enterprises, to draw a conclusion about the
economic potential of the region.

3. Project Plan

1.Economic potential
2.Sectors of the economy
Project Plan
3.Main industrial enterprises
4.The pride of the region

4. Economic development

The administrative center of the region is the city of Tambov,
which is home to 290 thousand people. Rasskazovo, Morshansk
and Michurinsk are also large industrial centers. There are no large
deposits in the Tambov Territory, there are no reserves of ore
minerals. Therefore, the extractive industry does not play an
important role in the economy. Various types of phosphorites,
building materials, peat are being developed in the region. Near
the village of Nikolskoye there are reserves of sands with an
industrial grade of gold.

5. Industries and agriculture

The region's agriculture produces 16% of the gross regional
product. Crop production of the region specializes in the
production of grain crops. A significant part of the cultivated area
is occupied by fields of sugar beets, potatoes and vegetables.
Livestock raising in the Tambov region has been on the rise in
recent years. Pig breeding, meat cattle breeding, poultry
breeding are developing rapidly. The economy is based on largescale industrial production. Several large enterprises of
mechanical engineering, chemical, light and food industries are
concentrated in the region.

6. The main industrial enterprises of the region:

1)Wagon repair plant, Tambov
2)Powder factory, Kotovsk
3)Michurinsky locomotive repair
4)Tambov Plain Bearing Plant
5)Kirsanov Mechanical Plant
6)Korshunovsky Foundry and Mechanical Plant, Rasskazovo
7)Plant of hoisting machines, Tambov
8)OJSC "Morshanskkhimmash"
9)JSC "Progress", gas equipment
10)JSC "Revolutionary Labor", means of radar protection

7. The pride of the edge

The pride of the region is the Revtrud enterprise. It was founded
in 1919 on the basis of small artillery workshops. During the first
five-year plans "Revtrud" was converted into a machine-building
enterprise, received a foundry. During the Great Patriotic War,
anti-aircraft and rocket shells were fired on it. After the war, the
production of radio-technical products was established. Currently
"Revtrud" produces special communications equipment, both
military and civilian, as well as radar devices

8. Conclusion:

My region is well developed economically due to food production
and mechanical engineering. The development of high-precision
science-intensive industries seems to be promising.


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