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Types of Education in Russia and other countries


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Types of Education in Russia and other countries
There are different levels of education in our
country: pre-school, primary, secondary and a
higher one.
Pre-school education comprises nurseries and
kindergartens. Children there are looked after
by professional nannies and educators. Often
they are taught to read and count.
There are different kinds of schools in Russia. All
schools begin with primary education. It lasts
up to the 5th form.
The majority of pupils go to secondary schools,
specialized schools. If pupils finish a secondary
school successfully, they get a secondary
education certificate.
It gives them an opportunity to enter a
university or an academy which are the
institutions of a higher education.
education institutions
prepare Specialists, Masters and Doctors. A
diploma of a higher education makes it
possible to find a better job.
The systems of education are not
similar in different countries. In
Britain there are three stages of
schooling. The British have
education. The latter includes
further and higher education.
In the USA the system of
education is very decentralized.
That means every state has its
own education laws. Generally
they have got elementary
years) and senior high schools (912 grades). There are several
ways to continue education:
universities, colleges, community
vocational schools.


Russian traditions
Old traditions
Russia is a unique country, which preserves the Maslenitsa is one of the most cheerful holidays in
national traditions deeply rooted not only in the Russia. It marks the end of the winter and the
Orthodox religion but also in paganism.
opening of new spring festivals and ceremonies.
Christianity gave Russians such great holidays as Maslenitsa is celebrated during the week
Easter and Christmas, and Paganism –
preceding the Lent. Every day of Maslenitsa is
Maslenitsa, which means Pancake Day. Old
devoted to special rituals.
traditions are passed on from generation to
Family traditions
There are some interesting family traditions. For
New Years day in Russia
example, when a new baby is born, the father
New Years day is the biggest celebration for
should plant a tree, wishing the child to grow up
Russians. It is believed that the way you
strong and healthy.
celebrate the New Year indicates how your
year will be. On New Year’s eve, a huge meal is Among the traditions connected with wedding
prepared with an abundance of dishes.
is blessing. When a bride and groom are ready
to go to the church, the oldest member in their
Easter is the day of the resurrection of Christ. The family takes a religious icon from the wall. While
main tradition at Easter time is the painting of
the bride and groom kneel, the family member
hard-boiled eggs. Red is the predominant
crosses them both with the icon, blesses their
colour, as it signifies new life. Russians exchange union, and wishes them a long and happy
eggs and kind wishes for the Easter celebration. marriage. At the wedding reception, the
husband and wife take a big loaf of bread and
bite it at the same time, without the use of their
Christmas is the holiday of the birth of Jesus
hands. Whoever gets the larger piece, it is said
Christ, which is celebrated on the 7th of
January. Before Christmas Eve, people tidy their that they will be the leader of their family.
houses. The food for Christmas is prepared some
days in advance, with turkey, stuffed pork, pies,
pastries and sweets for children.


Traditions Of My Family
Every family has own traditions. Sometimes
you don’t even think about it, just do it,
because your family was doing always so.
I have started to speak with my mom and
granny about it and I found out many
interesting traditions.
Few days before New Year we go to buy one
new thing for each family member. We have
decided to celebrate every New Year in a
new thing.
Also we have some traditional food. For
example for birthday party my mom always
For example my family always have dinner all cook chocolate cake. My family adores this
together. Ok if mom or dad stays at work
cake. So we have it on every birthday.
longer we eat alone. But basically we switch
off TV, put the phones away, we just enjoy
There are many things I can tell you about.
dinner and talk. I think this tradition makes us We do shopping together because it’s more
closer. I got used to eat so and for me it’s
fun and we help each other. I usually help
normal. But my mom said that not many
my mom with dinner and my brother washes
families do so.
the dishes after dinner. My dad is an early
bird so he cooks breakfast for everyone and
We go to visit our grandparents on Sunday coffee for my mom. When we go to school
and have lunch with them. It has become
my mom always wishes me good luck and
our tradition long time ago and now I can
during the dinner parents ask how was my
not imagine we spend Sunday in another
day. These are small things but they have
way. We talk, share our opinions, discuss our become our family traditions. And I want to
plans and laugh a lot and on this moment I keep them in my memory and to follow them
feel so happy. My family is very important to with my future family as well.
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