My dear friends
Out first meeting.
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Friends for life


Popova Anastasia

2. My dear friends

I have a lot of friends but I want to tell about my best
friends. Their names are Daria , Elena and
Victoria. They are my classmates. They are cheerful,
inquisitive and kind. They are very responsive. They
will help me in hour of need. I always can rely on
them. Sometimes we fight, but we condone quickly.
When we have free time, we go out together. They
are very reliable and honest persons and at any
moment I can rely on them.

3. Out first meeting.

We met five years ago when came to fifth grade. We
each other did not know. And not immediately get
along with them. Several years passed and we began
to chat. Every year our friendship stronger and
stronger. I hope we will be friends after finishing
school and I'll do my best not to lose this friendship
in the future.

4. Adventure

One day we had an adventure which tested our
friendship. Last year we had an adventure. It was
dark and late when we were walking homewards .
There was nobody there. Suddenly I heard some
footsteps. A man was following us. He wanted our
money. We were scared, but we did not panic, but
quietly ran off. That was really terrible! But I was
glad because I didn't feel disappointed in my friends.

5. Adventure

This adventure showed that I could rely on Daria ,
Elena and Victoria. when I have problems. She stays
loyal to our friendship.
I think people should have some friends. If they
make friends they will never feel lonely. In my
opinion good friends will help you when you have
problems. Besides you will never get bored with
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